Preparing for an Executive Job Search

Working with Executive Recruitment Firms

Executive recruiters can be key allies in your search for your next role. Understanding what they do, the process of working with them, and how to maximize the experience will enable you to get the most out of your time with an executive recruiter. 

Today, most corporate jobs are never advertised. Simply put, without expert knowledge or a way in, your career trajectory plateaus.

- Eliassan Group

Expected Outcomes

By the end of this CAP, you will be able to maximize your experience working with executive recruiters by...

  • Familiarizing yourself with the different types of recruiters you might encounter
  • Identifiying how to best prepare for the engagement 
  • Describing what the recruiter can and cannot do for you 
  • Implementing best practices when working with executive recruiters

This CAP is for you if...

  • You are actively searching for a new role
  • You are planning for a transition in the future
  • You want to be prepared for new opportunities that may come your way

Growth & Learning

We’ve done the research so you don’t have to. Explore these valuable resources from the best experts in the field

2 minutes

Insights from our Executive Career Strategists: Tips to Work with Executive Recruiters

Article: Executive recruiters play a key important role in the job search process. It's important to prepare for an approach these interactions with them strategically. 


2 minutes

10 Tips of Working with Executive Recruiters

Article: 10 tips to better understand the different types of recruiters, tips for maximizing your engagement, and more. 


2 minutes

Six Things You Must Know Before Working With An Executive Recruiter

Article: Executive recruiters can lend a helping hand as you search for your next gig. Here's how to make the most of these relationships. 


13 minutes

How to Work With An Executive Recruiter

Video: Tom Friel, former chairman and CEO of executive recruiting firm Heidrick & Struggles, explains how executive search firms operate and how you can work work with them most effectively to advance your career.


2 minutes

Executive Recruiters Share 7 Dos and Don'ts to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile for Search

Article: This article shares some do's and don'ts to optimize your LinkedIn profile and attract executive recruiters. Follow these rules to give yourself the best possible chance of being found for the roles you want. 


2 minutes

Five Gaffes Candidates Make When Working With Executive Recruiters

Article: This article highlights five common mistakes made by candidates when working with executive recruiters. It provides advice on how to avoid these mistakes and build a strong relationship with the recruiter. 


1 minute

Understanding the Executive Search Process

Article: This articles provides insights on the behind the scenes of working with an executive recruiter. From defining the search criteria to presenting top candidates to the client, this emphasizes the importance of communication and collaboration between the search firm and the client throughout the process. 


Put Into Practice

It’s time to put what you learned into real-world practice. Here are a few steps you can take

Update Your LinkedIn Profile

Use the tips provided in the article Executive Recruiters Share 7 Do's and Don'ts to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile for Search and the Humanity Talent Network LinkedIn Checklist to optimize your profile for recruiters. Update your LinkedIn profile preferences to the "Open to Recruiters" option so you can be found as a candidate. 




Review and Update Your Resume

Request a professional resume and LinkedIn review from your Executive Career Strategist to ensure you're putting forth a strong application package. 

Complete 2-4 Screening Calls

As the opportunity presents itself, agree to take 2-4 initial screening calls with recruiters and make note of the differences between the recruiters in both style and process 

Develop a List of Questions

Develop a list of questions for an executive recruiter based on your learnings

Research and Identify 3 Executive Firms

Research and Identify 3 executive search firms who recruit in your area of specialty (healthcare, payer, life sciences, etc..) craft an email introduction, request an intro call or consideration for appropriate opportunities, and share resume with the firm. Consider Humanity Health as one of your go-to firms. 


Schedule a call with your Executive Careers Strategist

  • Refine your personal strategy
  • Get feedback on the work you put into practice
  • Learn other related techniques and strategies