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    Understanding the
    Executive Recruitment Process

    Executive recruiters can be key allies in your search for your next role. Understanding what they do, the process of working with them, and how to maximize the experience will enable you to get the most out of your time with an executive recruiter. 

    Today, most corporate jobs are never advertised. Simply put, without expert knowledge or a way in, your career trajectory plateaus.

    Expected Outcomes

    By the end of this CAP, you will be able to maximize your experience working with executive recruiters by...
    • Familiarizing yourself with the different types of recruiters you might encounter  
    • Identifying how to best prepare for the engagement  
    • Expecting what the process might look like  
    • Knowing what the recruiter can and cannot do for you 

    This CAP is for you if…

    • You are actively searching for a new role and considering your options
    • You are being sought out by executive recruiters and want to learn more about the process
    • You want to make sure you're choosing the right recruiter

    Growth & Learning

    We’ve done the research so you don’t have to. Explore these valuable resources from the best experts in the field

    Leverage Your Humanity Talent Network Membership

    HTN has tools and resources that can help you achieve your objectives in this CAP

    Put it into Practice

    It’s time to put what you learned into real-world practice. Here are a few steps you can take



    Develop a list of questions for an executive recruiter based on your learnings.


    Connect with a Recruiter

    Make a connection with a recruiter via Linkedin and ask for a virtual coffee date to ask your questions.


    Take a Screening Call

    As the opportunity presents itself, agree to take 2-4 initial screening calls with recruiters and make note of the differences between the recruiters in both style and process. 

    Connect With a Coach

    Each member has access to an Executive Career Strategist who is tasked with helping you achieve your professional goals. 

    A few topics you might discuss with an ECS include:

    • Identifying and articulating your professional goal before meeting with an executive recruiter 
    • Evaluating whether companies are likely to hire Executive Recruiters for positions at your level and how you could network to find out the right Executive Recruiters to work with (i.e., certain recruiters generally work with non-profit companies for C-Suite roles).  
    • Targeting your LinkedIn profile to attract Executive Recruiters 

    A few things to share with your ECS prior to the call: 

    • Past executive recruiter outreach messages
    • Links to jobs you may be interested in