Richard Able, Humanity Changemaker

Meet Rich Able, PhD of Praxis Precision Medicines.

Meet our spotlight member of the month, Rich Able, PhD. Richard Able is an accomplished executive with remarkable leadership skills and a passion for giving a voice to the often unheard. Having had no single defining moment that led him to his success, Richard attributes his exceptional leadership abilities to his collective experience. He encourages his team to embrace a culture of curiosity and to undertake new challenges that are slightly out of their comfort zone to facilitate their growth and achieve greater success.

When speaking about achieving a leadership position, Richard emphasized the importance of developing a leadership mindset. He advises aspiring leaders to seek opportunities to lead or co-lead within their existing groups to accumulate leadership experience through daily activities. He stresses that it is crucial to build a personal brand based on respect, accountability, and teamwork that demonstrates the capacity to make difficult decisions, galvanize others and be an active member of the team both strategically and tactically.

Richard is dedicated to amplifying underrepresented voices and promoting a culture of inclusive participation. He collaborates with HR colleagues to identify pipelines to recruit more underrepresented professionals to his company. Richard co-leads and serves in the strategic planning DEI team at his firm, advocating for creating safe spaces in the workplace that encourage everyone to bring their authentic self and perspectives to work each day. He fosters a culture of inclusivity, rapid and sustainable changes, and accountability for maintaining or improving that culture. For Richard, building cultures of inclusion and support is essential to empowering leaders and driving success in the workplace.

To Richard, leadership is not just a title but a mentality built through experiences and personal growth commitment. His accomplishments demonstrate his dedication to relationship-building, skill, and character development, and using his power to amplify the voices of those who are unheard. His inspirational guidance and promotion of diversity, equity, and inclusion have helped establish him as a leader in his industry, and he continues to inspire those around him to strive for excellence in their pursuit of success.

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