Kayode Owens, Humanity Changemaker

Meet Kayode Owens – Kayode Owens is the Founder & General Partner of Unseen Capital.

Kayode’s latest venture, Unseen Capital, is a healthcare venture fund aimed at underrepresented founders and those building solutions for marginalized communities. Unseen Capital has recognized that Black and Latinx founders received less than 3% of total venture funding in 2020. Backed with a $30 million anchor investment by Eli Lilly & Company, Unseen Capital provides founders who have been shut out of the system with the first institutional check that sparks a round of funding to come together. At the core of Unseen Capital’s process are their four investment theses: insight and connection, seeing the unseen, democratizing the delivery of services, and helping those outside the club. Beyond that first institutional check, Unseen Capital gives its founders the support, guidance and access they need to build life-changing products and companies for the people and populations who need them most.

Prior to founding Unseen Capital, Kayode served as a Vice President at JP Morgan, held finance roles at Morgan Stanley and Mastercard, and served as partner at Humble Ventures.

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