Jacqueline Beltejar, Humanity Changemaker

Meet Jacqueline Beltejar, MPH of CVS

Meet our spotlight member of the month, Jacqueline Beltejar. Jacqueline’s career journey has been marked by a commitment to improving access to high-quality healthcare that is simple, convenient, and personalized for every patient. Her experience working in the Emergency Department and Community Health Centers in NYC provided her with invaluable insights into the ways in which our healthcare system falls short in serving the most vulnerable patients. This understanding underscored her career focus on the pivotal role that technology and data play in advancing the delivery of high-quality care throughout the entire patient journey. 

One of the biggest moments in her career was learning about the current state of technology in healthcare at the Advisory Board Company. Although the US healthcare system has made strides in leveraging technology, it still has a long journey ahead to fully unlock its potential and reap the benefits in areas such as patient care. Jacqueline’s experience of supporting and eventually leading a team at an early-stage health tech startup provided fertile ground for skill development, allowed her to refine her interests, and ultimately paved the way for her career in the health tech space. 

Jacqueline's advice to aspiring leaders and executives in healthcare is to define their long-term vision of leadership and the type of executive role they aim to achieve, seek mentors and role models, build a diverse network, and always showcase initiative and drive. The journey to leadership and executive roles is unique for each individual, and passion, perseverance, and continuous learning will pave the way for future success. 

As a leader in the healthcare industry, Jacqueline is deeply committed to fostering diversity and inclusion in order to drive innovation and address the diverse needs of our patient population. She promotes diversity of thought in meetings and work streams by actively seeking out perspectives from individuals of all backgrounds, provides mentorship and sponsorship opportunities, and works to create an environment where people of color and women can thrive and contribute their unique perspectives to health tech innovation. Together, she believes we can build a diverse and equitable health tech industry that not only reflects the communities we serve but also drives meaningful change in healthcare.

To follow Jacqueline's journey and the journey of other changemakers like her, join us here: https://lnkd.in/ezZmayry