Health Equity & Innovation Start with Inclusive Leadership

Humanity Talent Network ("HTN") is an invitation-only for senior healthcare leaders seeking to drive health equity & innovation in their role


How We Assist Our Members

HTN is a destination for professionals seeking to grow, influence and innovate across the ecosystem of healthcare & life sciences


Gain the key leadership capabilities need to accelerate your advancement within your current organization and drive more effective and engaged teams.

C-Suite & Board

Better understand what is required to reach the c-suite or board roles you desire, receive the tactical support you need and gain access to those difficult to find opportunities. 


Access the community, information and capital you need to build, lead and accelerate entrepreneurial ventures driving innovation in the industry


Why Join HTN?

Curated C-Suite & Board Opportunities

For many, access to board and c-suite opportunities have been restricted, obscured or simply locked. At HTN we provide access to those career accelerating opportunities that you have had difficulty accessing.  


Inclusive  Community of  Healthcare Leaders

Being “the only” or “one of the few” can often be lonely, exhausting and uncomfortable. HTN provides a community of fellow healthcare and life science leaders who are navigating similar personal and professional experiences.


Self-Care for Your Career

HTN is a safe space for executives, in the business of caring for others, to reflect, explore and invest in their career growth.