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    Identifying New
    Internal Opportunities

    Not all job searches require that you look beyond your current company. If you are passionate about your place of work, but ready for a change in title and compensation, there are a few key changes you can make to position yourself for a promotion or job pivot. 

    “it’s always good to start a job search within your current company, if you have a good reputation and it has been a good company to work at overall. You are more likely to be considered for the job as an internal hire, you have access to the internal job boards, and you have access to network with senior leaders in your current company vs an outside company where you don’t know anyone.”

    Expected Outcomes

    By the end of this CAP, you will be able to...

    • Identify internal sponsors and champions
    • Increase your exposure and executive presence 
    • Confidently convey your interest in career growth 

    This CAP is for you if…

    • You are interested in staying in and growing your career within your current company
    • You would like to position yourself for the C-Suite 
    • You want to understand how to have a bigger presence at work  


    Growth & Learning

    We’ve done the research so you don’t have to. Explore these valuable resources from the best experts in the field

    Leverage Your Humanity Talent Network Membership

    HTN has tools and resources that can help you achieve your objectives in this CAP

    Put it into Practice

    It’s time to put what you learned into real-world practice. Here are a few steps you can take


    Performance, Image & Exposure

    Use Humanity Talent Network’s Performance, Image & Exposure Worksheet to evaluate performance, your image and learn how to increase exposure. 


    Find Your Career Champions

    Listen to How to Find the Person Who Can Help You Get Ahead at Work and identify a list of career sponsors at your organization. Prepare for and schedule conversations to solidify these professional relationships.  

    Connect With a Coach

    Each member has access to an Executive Career Strategist who is tasked with helping you achieve your professional goals. 

    A few topics you might discuss with an ECS include:

    • The types of internal opportunities you are interested in (is the role a promotion or a pivot into a new line of business?) 
    • How you might influence people to consider you for those roles. 
    • How to identify a mentor or sponsor and discuss the differences in those roles. 
    • Practice your elevator pitch for internal opportunities. 
    • How to confidently convey your interest in internal opportunities  
    • How to increase exposure at your company  
    • How to position yourself for a business need that is currently unserved and write your own job description and pitch the idea to leadership.