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Executive Recruitment

“Greater representation of people of color and women professionals in leadership will drive more equitable institutional priorities”

Ron Mitchell

CEO, Humanity Health

Humanity Health offers a suite of services that enable our partners to identify, engage, recruit and develop diverse talent in the healthcare and life sciences ecosystem

Candidate Introductions Candidate Screening Process Management Candidate Sourced From

Retained Search

Traditional retained search offering focused on highly specialized, critical leadership roles

Humanity Talent Network & 
External Sources


Candidate Panels

Inclusive slates of pre-screened candidates to assist internally managed recruiting assignments

Humanity Talent Network &
External Sources


Candidate Introductions

Subscription-based offering provides introductions to high-potential diverse candidates earlier in the cycle often before opportunities exist

Humanity Talent Network Only

Retained Search

Our search professionals partner with you to identify, engage and deliver exceptional diverse leadership talent

We work with you to learn your corporate culture and understand the unique capabilities and competencies of your open position.

Together we drive more inclusive placement outcomes.

Areas of Focus

Functional Roles

tick 16 Board & CEO
tick 16 President & COO
tick 16 Chief Financial Officer
tick 16 CIO / CISO
tick 16 Chief Commercial Officer
tick 16 Chief Medical Officer
tick 16 Chief Scientific Officer
tick 16 Human Resources
tick 16 Sales & Marketing

Specialty Areas

tick 16 Digital Health
tick 16 Healthcare Services
tick 16 Health Tech
tick 16 Payers
tick 16 Payer Services
tick 16 Biotech
tick 16 Pharma
tick 16 Medical Device

Candidate Introductions

Post opportunities to the Humanity Talent Network of 700+ diverse & female healthcare executives

Our team of search professionals recommends members through your private candidate portal

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Opportunities include

tick 16 Company introductions
tick 16 Fractional roles
tick 16 Executive roles
tick 16 Speaking opportunities
tick 16 Board positions
tick 16 Professional development

Candidate Panels

A cost-effective alternative to retained search, provides detailed profiles of diverse candidates targeted for internally managed recruiting assignments

Upgrade a specific posting to expand the candidate pool and enhance the screening process

tick 16 Candidate pool expanded beyond HTN members
tick 16 Each candidate interviewed by HTN search professional
tick 16 Extensive company and role analysis
tick 16 Detailed write-ups of each candidate by capability
tick 16 Development of detailed capability model for the role
tick 16 Guaranteed delivery of min. 3 candidates