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Self-Care for Leaders

In our fast-paced and demanding work environments, it's crucial to prioritize self-care and maintain our energy levels to perform at our best. In this CAP, we will explore activities for self-care and energy retention, supporting team members in their self-care, and establishing team norms for mutual support during emergencies. By prioritizing self-care, fostering a culture of well-being, and implementing reliable team norms, we can create a thriving work environment that promotes overall well-being.  

Taking care of yourself is not a luxury; it is a necessity, especially for executives. Prioritizing self-care allows us to sustain our energy, clarity, and resilience, enabling us to lead effectively and make sound decisions. It's not selfish; it's an investment in our own well-being and the success of our organizations. 

Expected Outcomes

By the end of this CAP, you will be able to...

  •  Discover effective self-care activities that help you maintain energy levels and prioritize personal well-being.   
  • Learn how to actively support and encourage your team members in their own self-care practices. 
  • Develop and implement team norms that foster mutual reliance, support, and solidarity, particularly in challenging situations and emergencies. 

This CAP is for you if...

  • You are leading a team
  • You are feeling stressed or burned out in your workplace  

Growth & Learning

We’ve done the research so you don’t have to. Explore these valuable resources from the best experts in the field

2 minutes

Balancing Productivity and Care: Leader by Example in Promoting Self-Care and Team Support

Insights from HTN: This article explores the importance of self-care and team support in achieving productivity goals. Discover strategies for incorporating self-care activities at both macro and micro levels, fostering a culture of accountability and support, and reaping the benefits of increased loyalty and commitment from team members.


10 minutes

Self-Care: What it Really Is

Video: This TED Talk breaks the myth that self care is a wine party, Netflix binge, or pedicure social. Self care is what's needed for your well-being and should always leave you with more energy and feelings of revitalization. Often, the activities that are described as self-care leave you more depleted and with less energy. This talk will break the myth and discuss the 4 components of self care that will support your overall wellness


18 minutes

The Cure for Burnout (Hint: It Isn’t Self-Care)

TED Talk: You may be experiencing burnout and not even know it. In an introspective and deeply relatable conversation, they detail three telltale signs that stress is getting the best of you -- and share actionable ways to feel safe in your own body when you're burning out


2 minutes

5 Ways to Encourage your Team to Practice Self-Care at Work

Article: This article explores the importance of establishing boundaries, allowing for flexibility, encouraging time off, meaningful conversations about self-care, and setting an example as a leader. By implementing these strategies, you can foster a culture that prioritizes self-care and supports the well-being of your employees, leading to increased productivity and overall company success


2 minutes

Looking to Implement Daily Self-Care for Your Employees? Follow These 11 Tips

Article: Implementing daily self-care practices for employees can contribute to their overall well-being and performance. In this article, 11 experts from Forbes Coaches Council share valuable tips on how employers can introduce self-care practices to keep their employees happy, healthy, and thriving, ultimately benefiting both the team and the business


2 minutes

Being the Boss: 10 Tips to Find Work-Life Balance for Managers

Article: This article challenges the notion that work-life balance is the same for everyone and highlights the unique obstacles managers face. From self-care and boundary-setting to effective delegation and creating a supportive work environment, practical tips and expert guidance are provided to help you prioritize your well-being and find harmony between your personal and professional lives. 


2 minutes

Article: 50+ Self-Care Practices to Take Better Care of Yourself

Review over 50 self-care practices that can be incorporated into any schedule. From simple one-minute activities like mindful breathing to longer commitments like therapy sessions or volunteering, this article provides practical tips and strategies for prioritizing self-care in your daily life, promoting mental and physical well-being. 


Put Into Practice

It’s time to put what you learned into real-world practice. Here are a few steps you can take

Identify Self-Care Activities That Fit into Your Schedule

Explore the importance of self-care and identify self-care practices that can benefit your mental, physical, and emotional well-being.


Worksheet: Which Self-Care Practice is Best for You?


Schedule a call with your Executive Careers Strategist

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