Preparing for an Executive Job Search

Executive Resume Best Practice

Today, a strong executive resume is key to accessing your next career opportunity. Whether you are working with an executive recruiter to find your next role or networking to identify new opportunities, you will need a compelling resume to succinctly tell your professional story and highlight your achievements. As an executive, you have likely held multiple roles and worked your way up across organizations. You will want to be aware of the key differences that can help you stand out for VP, C-Suite, and board roles.

Despite record low unemployment, an eye-tracking study found that job seekers have just 7.4 seconds to make an impression on recruiters with their resume. 

- Ladders, Inc

Expected Outcomes

By the end of this CAP, you will be able to create an effective resume that...

  • Positions you for new executive positions (C-Suite, board roles) 
  • Tells your professional story using strong executive language
  •  Attracts recruiters within first 7 seconds 
  • Gets past Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

This CAP is for you if...

  • You are actively searching for a new leadership role 
  • You are planning for a transition in the future
  • You want to be prepared for new opportunities that may come your way

Growth & Learning

We’ve done the research so you don’t have to. Explore these valuable resources from the best experts in the field

2 minutes

Top Healthcare Resumes Do's and Don'ts

Article: This article offers a list of fundamental healthcare resume do's and don'ts that will take your resume to the next level and set you up for success. 


2 minutes

Six Healthcare Executive Resume Tips to Land the Interviews You Want

Article: Developing a branded executive resume, that differs from the medical CV, can improve your job search results in pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device industries. This article offers key resume and job search ops to help you obtain the results you seek. 


2 minutes

How to Write an Executive Resume That Works

Article: Your resume is arguably the most important piece of paper you'll own. Done right and it can open doors for you. Done wrong and your resume goes straight to the "resume black hole." This article provides a breakdown of each required section of a resume and provides relevant, executive level examples.


2 minutes

How to Develop a Strong Healthcare Executive Resume

Article: Pursing a healthcare executive role as a Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Medical Officer, Chief Information Officer, or Medical Affairs Leader? This article guides you to develop a stand-out resume for the industry. 


2 minutes

185+ Action Verbs That Will Impress Hiring Managers

Article: Most resume bullet points start with the same tired words hiring managers have read over and over. Use this list of strong, compelling action verbs to catch hiring manager's eyes. 


2 minutes

A Truly Amazing Resume

Article: The elements that make a truly stand-out resume may be simpler than you think. This article, written by Korn Ferry CEO, provides the six basic elements all recruiters and hiring managers are looking for when reviewing a resume. 


Put Into Practice

It’s time to put what you learned into real-world practice. Here are a few steps you can take

Review your current resume against the HTN Executive Resume Checklist

Review your current resume against the Executive Resume Checklist and identify opportunities for improvement. 

Humanity Talent Network Executive Resume Checklist

Practice writing strong, evidence-based resume bullet points

Use the HTN Writing Effective Bullet Points worksheet to craft strong, evidence-based resume bullet points

Writing Effective Bullet Points Worksheet

Format your new resume using HTN's Resume Template

Use Humanity Talent Network's resume template to format your resume in a way that succinctly conveys the information recruiters are looking for.

Humanity Talent Network Resume Template

Receive a professional resume review

Connect with your Executive Career Strategist to discuss your resume and ensure your document effectively conveys your professional story


Schedule a call with your Executive Careers Strategist

  • Refine your personal strategy
  • Get feedback on the work you put into practice
  • Learn other related techniques and strategies