Executive Transitions Program

Mastering the Senior and Executive Job Search

An effective job search strategy relies on understanding the digital platforms used by companies to hire executive positions.  It is important to create a digital presence targeted to the role you are seeking and ensure that it is aligned with what the hiring managers and recruiters are looking for in a strong candidate. This CAP will guide you in creating an effective and efficient job search plan with an attractive digital presence to maximize your opportunities.  

As you undertake your job search, it is important to represent your capabilities on-line as well as on your resume and through your interviews. Employers identify talent through sources that are heavily influenced by your on-line presence, including employee referrals (67%) and social media recruitment (59%) as well as recruitment firms (24%). 

Expected Outcomes

By the end of this CAP, you will be able to...

  •  Understand the difference between a reactive and proactive job search  
  • Search for relevant roles using key words on digital platforms
  • Learn the best digital platforms for job search  
  • Craft an organized job search plan 

This CAP is for you if...

  • You are actively seeking a new role  
  • You are passively interested in new opportunities  
  • You are open to being solicited by recruiters 

Growth & Learning

We’ve done the research so you don’t have to. Explore these valuable resources from the best experts in the field

2 minutes

Navigating a Digital Job Search: Essential Strategies for Senior Level Executives

Insights from HTN: In the digital age, senior-level executives must adapt and utilize digital platforms effectively for job searching. This article offers essential strategies, including enhancing digital presence, optimizing LinkedIn profiles, differentiating between reactive and proactive job searches, and implementing effective networking techniques to increase the chances of securing executive roles. 


2 minutes

Search and Apply for Jobs on LinkedIn

Video: This collection of LinkedIn quick tip videos, starting with how to search and apply for jobs on LinkedIn, is designed to demonstrate helpful tricks, explain useful features, and provide quick answers to the most common questions about how to use LinkedIn. 


2 minutes

Where do Senior Level Executives Find Opportunities?

Article: This article explores the importance of leveraging LinkedIn for executive job searches, from attracting recruiters and understanding the hidden job market to optimizing your profile for increased visibility and becoming a thought leader in your industry. Discover the strategies and techniques that can help you navigate the modern job market and secure executive-level positions.


2 minutes

How to Choose the Right Key Words for your LinkedIn Profile

Article: Optimizing your LinkedIn profile with the right keywords is essential for attracting recruiters and increasing your visibility in the platform's search results. In this article, you'll learn how to choose the best keywords for your profile, where to strategically place them, and how to optimize your headline, skills section, and endorsements to improve your chances of being discovered by potential employers and clients. 


2 minutes

Key Predictions for Executive Job Search in 2022

Article: Discover the essential predictions and trends for executives embarking on a new job search, including insights on who will succeed and how to stand out in a competitive market. Learn about the changes in job search strategies and explore the top three DO's and DON'Ts to enhance your chances of thriving in your executive job search. 


2 minutes

Leveraging LinkedIn for Effective Career Exploration and Networking

Insights from HTN: Looking to navigate a successful career transition or expand your professional network? This article explores how to leverage LinkedIn's search capabilities, analyze profiles to refine your own story, and overcome networking hesitations to connect with industry professionals.


Put Into Practice

It’s time to put what you learned into real-world practice. Here are a few steps you can take

Reflect on your wants and must-haves for your next career moves

Complete the Evaluating Your Job Search Criteria Worksheet to reflect on your wants and must-haves for your next career move.

Develop a job search strategy

Review the Two Hour Job Search Tips from our Executive Career Strategists and complete the LAMP Job Search Tracker to develop a list of your top companies and potential connections. Bring this tracker to your ECS for further dialogue on next steps. ​​ 

Research your online presence

Google Search and Personal Brand Check: Ensure that your online presence accurately represents your personal brand.


  1. Conduct a Google search on your name, including your legal name and any nickname(s) you commonly use.
  2. Analyze the information that appears and assess its consistency with your personal brand.
  3. If the search results do not align with your personal brand, take proactive steps to correct or remove the information.
  4. Keep in mind that if you have a common name, you may need to refine your search by adding specific keywords to find information relevant to you.


Update your LinkedIn profile to match your desired role

Review the article How to Choose the Right Key Words For Your LinkedIn Profile and watch the training on how to Search and Apply for Jobs on LinkedIn. Using your learning, optimize your LinkedIn profile for your desired next steps.  Remember to update your LinkedIn profile focused on your desired role rather than your prior roles, especially focused on your headline, about section and your job descriptions.



Schedule a call with your Executive Careers Strategist

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  • Get feedback on the work you put into practice
  • Learn other related techniques and strategies