A revolutionary talent sourcing solution

Candidate Panels are the most cost effective and efficient solution for healthcare  organizations seeking to build exceptional, inclusive  leadership teams. 

How It Works

Watch this short video that provides an overview of how simple and easy it is to build a pipeline of executive leaders using Humanity's  Candidate Introductions solutions

HubSpot Video

We deliver introductions to top healthcare executives

Share opportunities with pre-screened candidates through your private candidate portal

  • Review detailed member profiles
  • Invite select members to engage
  • Engage any way you see fit over the short, medium or long-term
  • Track your opportunities and candidate pipeline in a branded web portal
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Inclusion at our core 

Inclusion isn't just a buzzword for us; it's embedded in our DNA. Through the Humanity Talent Network, we provide access to a diverse pool of forward-thinking leaders who can drive innovation in your organization.

  • Invitation-only network for healthcare and life science executives who identify as people of color and/or women
  • Database of 5,000+ diverse & female healthcare executives



AI-powered precision with a human touch 

Our cutting-edge technology employs AI to identify the most qualified candidates; however, we don't simply rely on technology to make informed decisions.  Our talent specialists personally interview and assess each candidate to guarantee they meet your unique requirements.

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Private Candidate Portal

Take control of your hiring process through our secure and private candidate portal. Access, manage, and evaluate all candidates with ease, streamlining your decision-making process.

  • Access candidate resume, Linkedin Profile, contact information and capability assessments
  • 1-click invitation to connect with candidates
  • Maintain database and status of all candidates
  • Administrative access for your entire recruiting team
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Defined leadership and functional capabilities for each opportunity

We create a comprehensive matrix of the leadership and functional capabilities required of qualified candidates

  • Define up to 15 capabilities from our library of 1,000+ capabilities
  • Prioritize the capabilities (e.g.  most important, important, nice to have)
  • Assess recommended candidates by this capability model
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Detailed written candidate assessments

Our team of talent specialists interview and assess each candidate by the identified capabilities

  • Detailed written assessments with professional highlights for each capability
  • Each capability is rated based upon fit for position (e.g. good fit, exceptional fit, etc.)
  • Clients can add their own written evaluations of capabilities and share that with the Humanity team
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Need a Full-Service Approach?

Retained Executive Search

We understand that some organizations and roles require a more full-service approach.  Humanity's experienced search professionals have 20+ years of retained executive search experience.  We partner with you to manage the complete recruitment lifecycle from identification to offer. 

  • Multiple interview rounds & reference checks
  • Coordination of client/candidate interview scheduling 
  • Assistance with compensation structuring and negotiation

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